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Speech Therapist

NUHS Speech Therapist

A Day in the Life of a Speech Therapist


Speech Therapists are involved in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of communication and swallowing disorders. 

Speech Therapists work with patients of all ages and are trained to assess and treat patients who have difficulties communicating, feeding or swallowing due to developmental delays and/or disorders, or other medical conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injuries and dementia. They also work with patients to restore and improve their ability to communicate, feed or swallow and provide a comprehensive treatment management plan addressing these difficulties so as to improve their overall quality of life.  

How to become a Speech Therapist?

To practise as a Speech Therapist, you will require these qualifications: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Speech and Language Therapy
  • Masters of Science (Speech & Language Pathology) - Graduate-Entry Level Masters (GEMS) Programme
All our Speech Therapists are registered with the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC).

For more information on institutions offering professional training to become a Speech Therapist, visit the links below:

Interested to join us as a Speech Therapist?

Find out more about the Speech Therapists working in our institutions and the work that they do by clicking on the links below:

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