Training for General Practitioners (GPs)


Training for General Practitioners (GPs)

As the first point of contact for residents on the management of their health care needs, NUHS has curated training programmes for your professional development.

Our regular Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Training series will provide you with information on managing chronic disease complications of your patients and also give you an insight into the care services available at NUHS and its institutions should you need to refer your patients for specialist care. If you are unable to participate in the CME sessions listed below, you can also access the recorded sessions on the NUHS Education Support and Training Hub (NEST), where you will also find useful links and resources for patient care in a GP setting.

For feedback or enquiries, please email us at [email protected].

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Sessions

NUHS conducts the CME sessions on a monthly basis and the sessions are usually held on Saturdays, from 2pm to 3pm.

To Note:
* Scheduled dates in the calendar below are subject to potential changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Any updates will be provided via email after your registration is confirmed.

^ You can access the CME recording and slides via the NUHS Education Support and Training Hub (NEST) after the session.

13 July 2024
Updates in Management of Eye Refractory Disorders

Learn about the latest developments in the management of eye refractory disorders.

Speaker: Dr Sun Chen-Hsin

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17 August 2024
Management of Spasticity after Stroke

Learn about the latest therapeutic options in the management of spasticity in order to optimise function and reduce complications.

Speaker: Dr Gobinathan Chandran

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14 September 2024
Managing Difficult Behaviours in Persons Living With Dementia

In conjunction with World Alzheimer's Day, our CME session will provide tips and resources for managing difficult behaviours in dementia care.

Speakers: Dr Chris Tsoi & Ms Eng Jia Yen

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5 October 2024
Adolescent Mental Health

In conjunction with World Mental Health Day, our CME session spotlight this month is on adolescent mental health and the resources available in Singapore's community mental health ecosystem to manage it.

Speaker: Dr Ganesh Kudva Kundadak

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9 November 2024
Healthy Bones and Joints

Management of Osteoporosis in Primary Care
Management of Gout in Primary Care

In our last CME session for 2024, we will focus on the topics of the management of osteoporosis and gout in primary care. We will also share about the NUHS resources available to help in the care of these diseases.

Speakers: Dr Andre Tan & Dr Julian Lim

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‚ÄčTraining Resources

NUHS Education Support and Training Hub (NEST) is a one-stop repository of useful past CME recordings, clinical practice guidelines and links to online resources for GPs practicing in the Western region of Singapore. You may register here to access training materials for patient care in the GP setting.

The CME sessions will be reflected in your account within three working days from registration.

Links to Training Partners Outside NUHS
Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)
Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)

AIC plays an important role in Singapore’s healthcare landscape by encouraging collaboration among various stakeholders, streamlining care services, and ensuring that individuals with long-term care needs receive appropriate and coordinated care in a variety of settings, including hospitals, community care facilities and homes.

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College of Family Physicians Singapore (CFPS)
College of Family Physicians Singapore (CFPS)

The CFPS is a professional organisation in Singapore dedicated to promoting and enhancing family medicine. It focuses on family physician training, education and professional growth. The CFPS is vital in raising awareness for the importance of family medicine within the healthcare system.

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