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The NUHS Research Office develops, coordinates and supports the implementation of research strategies and policies for the NUHS cluster. Together with our institutional counterparts, we also provide the NUHS research community with administrative and operational support for research-related matters.

Prof Chng Wee Joo
Prof Chng Wee Joo
Group Director (Research), NUHS
Vice President (Biomedical Sciences Research), ODPRT, NUS

Prof Roger Foo
Prof Roger Foo
Vice Dean (Research), NUSMed

A/Prof Tan Ker Kan
A/Prof Tan Ker Kan
Head (Research Integrity and Compliance), NUHS
VCMB (Research), NUH
Asst Dean (Research), NUSMed

A/Prof David Tan
A/Prof David Tan
Head (Innovation Transfer Office), NUHS

A/Prof Catherine Ong
A/Prof Catherine Ong
Head (Clinician Scientist Academy), NUHS

A/Prof Veronique Angeli
A/Prof Veronique Angeli
Head (Research Communications), NUHS
Asst Dean (Academic Strategy), NUSMed

A/Prof Manoor Prakash Hande
A/Prof Manoor Prakash Hande
Head (Research Safety), NUHS
Asst Dean (Safety/ Research Facilities Management), NUSMed

Dr Elizabeth Tham
Dr Elizabeth Tham
Deputy Head (Research Integrity and Compliance), NUHS
ACMB (Research), NUH

Dr Sankari Ramanathan
Dr Sankari Ramanathan
Director, Research Office, NUHS
Head (Ops & Admin), NUHS

Dr Lee Meng Har
Dr Lee Meng Har
Director, Research Office, NUHS

Our Teams
Research Grants

The Grants team supports and manages research and talent grants to enhance research activities and performance of the institution. They also monitor and evaluate research performance outcomes to enable informed decisions to be made for strategic oversight and planning. The team also oversees and supports NUHS core research enablers.

Research Integrity & Compliance

The Research Integrity & Compliance team monitors and performs various tasks to ensure that all research in NUHS is conducted ethically and in compliance with the prevailing regulations and guidelines. The team also reviews and develops policies and SOPs related to integrity and compliance.

Innovation Transfer Office

The Innovation Transfer Office team handles all matters relating to technology transfer to enhance success of healthcare innovation. They provide guidance and service to NUHS research community on matters related to intellectual property protection, negotiating research and licensing contracts, and actively engage partners for sustainable industry and academic partnership.

Research Strategy

The Strategy Unit will co-ordinate support the implementation of the 5-year research strategy across NUHS. The 5-year research strategy was articulated in early 2020 and the unit will oversee the translation of the vision to actionable steps that will support the deliverable of 5 practices changing innovations (PCIs) by 2025.

Clinician Scientist Academy

The NUHS Clinician Scientist Academy focuses on nurturing and encouraging aspiring young clinicians to embark on the Clinician Scientist journey as well as provide support to all Clinician Scientist in NUHS. The role of the academy is to develop a strategy for talent development across the whole pipeline as well as to develop a system to guide junior Clinician Scientists in their bid for competitive grants and tenureship.

Research Support Unit

The Research Support team provides academic and analytical support to assist PIs in their research projects such a grant and manuscript writing, training in biostatistics methodologies, etc.

Research Communications and Outreach

The Research Outreach team aims to connect basic and clinician researchers and animate focused research groups such as NUHS Microbiome Networking, through Research Director Meetings as well as other platforms available in NUHS/NUS. For development of action research, our office plans to expand partnerships with NUS faculties, other universities and pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries.

Research Safety and Space

The Research Facilities Management (RFM) Team manages the safety, grounds operations and maintenance of Central Research Facilities under the charge of NUS Medicine. The RFM Team also oversees safety governance plans and policies in line with institutional and national regulations.

Research Coordination Unit

The Research co-ordination Unit plays a role in the initiation and running of the Translational Research Programmes (TRPs). They act as the central coordinating party across all the programmes for research admin matters including the development of new workflows and the central management of research infrastructure and processes such as procurement and maintenance of research equipment

Ops and Admin

The Admin team provides financial, administrative, HR assistance in the department and facilitates internal processes for research within NUHS.

Contact Us

NUHS Research Office
Address: 1E Kent Ridge Road, NUHS Tower Block, Mailbox #65, Singapore 119228

Please email us at the following addresses for queries relating to:

For the latest policy and guidelines, staff members may also refer to the NUHS Intranet Research page.

1E Kent Ridge Road, NUHS Tower Block, Singapore 119228
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