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A caregiver is someone who assists with meeting the needs of a person with short- or long- term limitations due to an illness, injury, frailty or disability. The needs of the person may vary over time and can be broadly categorised into physical, health and medical, emotional and psycho-social, spiritual as well as financial.

Being a caregiver for your loved ones can be a fulfilling and meaningful role. The journey can even help strengthen the relationship between both of you. However, there can be times when caregivers like yourself, face challenges such as finding the relevant resources and acquiring more information about your loved one's condition. Some of you may also feel inadequate in care management of your loved ones or feel isolated in your caregiving journey. Support given to tackle these common challenges faced by caregivers can boost your skills, knowledge and confidence to help you cope better in your caregiving journey. In turn, this will enhance the well-being of the loved ones you are taking care of.

At NUHS, we recognise that every caregiver of a patient receiving care and treatment at our institutions faces a unique set of needs and issues during the caregiving journey for his or her loved one. Through this resource page, we will like to support all caregivers by providing easy accessibility to navigate through a variety of available resources, information and educational talks/training. In addition, you can also raise your awareness of the types of support groups and programmes that you can join with your loved one.

Caregiving is a constant learning experience. Most of us are untrained and learning as we go. Remain positive and stay on your path.
- Vivian Frazier

Explore the Caregiver Resource Link which consolidates various caregiver navigational tools and useful information on how you can seek support for yourself and your loved ones. Alternatively, you can explore the specific sections below for the various components of the Caregiver Resource Link as well as other information which you may be interested in.

Important Information for Patients & Caregivers

Preparing for Hospital Discharge
(also found in Caregiver Resource Link)
While your loved one is recovering in the hospital, you can start to plan and prepare for his/her care needs at home. This helps the home to be more conducive for a smoother transition and recovery.

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Financial Assistance & Schemes
(also found in Caregiver Resource Link)
Support Recommender by LifeSG helps you find the relevant financial assistance and schemes to help with healthcare and/or caregiving expenses.

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May I Have a Seat, Please?
To alert other commuters that they would appreciate a seat on public transport, commuters with invisible health conditions can request for identifiers such as stickers, lanyards and cards from the Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOCs) in NUHS institutions as well as Passenger Service Counters at MRT stations and bus interchanges.

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Caregiver Education

Monthly Caregiver Talks
(also found in Caregiver Resource Link)
Conducted by the Jurong Community Hospital (JCH) on the last Saturday of every month, these talks aim to equip current and potential caregivers with knowledge relating to a wide range of caregiving topics.

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Caregiver Training Courses
(also found in Caregiver Resource Link)
To help you better care for your loved ones, the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC) has consolidated available caregivers' training courses which you can sign up for.

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Patient & Caregiver Resources

A-Z Glossary of Medical Conditions
(also found in Caregiver Resource Link)
Learn about your loved ones' conditions, signs and symptoms, treatment options and more.

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ACE Educational Resources
The Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) produces informational resources about different treatments and conditions to support patients in making shared decisions about their healthcare with their doctors.

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Care Services Recommender
(also found in Caregiver Resource Link)
Find the support you need as a caregiver via this navigational tool by LifeSG. The tool recommends schemes and services based on your needs and provides additional tips and resources for your caregiving journey.

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Patient & Caregiver Support Groups

NUHS Directory of Support Groups
(also found in Caregiver Resource Link)
Answer a few questions on our form and you will be provided with a list of support groups, psychosocial and educational programmes you can join.

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