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NUHS Pharmacist

Pharmacists are highly skilled medication experts who are knowledgeable about the science and clinical use of medication in the management of medical conditions. 

Pharmacists play critical roles in ensuring the appropriate use of medication for patients and work hand-in-hand with other healthcare professionals to ensure optimal medication therapy outcomes and minimise adverse effects. Pharmacists review prescriptions to ensure medicine doses are correct, prevent harmful drug interactions and counsel patients on the safe and appropriate use of their medications.

Hospital Pharmacists regularly attend ward rounds with doctors and may be involved in the running of disease management clinics such as the anticoagulation clinic, heart failure clinic and anaemia clinic in collaboration with doctors to optimise patient care. Pharmacists may also specialise in clinical areas such as cardiology, oncology, critical care, psychiatry and geriatrics (elderly). Other specialised services provided by Pharmacists in the hospital include the manufacturing of sterile medications such as nutrition infusions, injectable antibiotics and sterile eye drops.

How to become a Pharmacist?

To practise as a Pharmacist, you will require a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours).

All our Pharmacists are registered with the Singapore Pharmacy Council (SPC). 

For more information on institutions offering professional training to become a Pharmacist, visit the links below: 

Find out more about the Pharmacists working in our institutions and the work that they do by clicking on the links below:

Apart from the institutions listed above, we also have Pharmacists based at Jurong Medical Centre (JMC).

Healthcare Scholarships & Sponsorships 

For more information on the different healthcare scholarships and sponsorships available, click on the links below: 

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