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Centre for Personalized and Precision Health



The Centre for Personalized and Precision Health (CPPH) was set up in late 2014 to form the core for research in personalized and precision health in NUHS. CPPH believes that the future of medicine lies in the stratification of patients based on their health conditions, their needs, or the biology of the disease, and followed by the delivery of the care which maximize health and cost-effectiveness while limiting toxicity and other adverse effects.

Through exploiting characteristics unique to Asian phenotypes for targeted diagnosis and treatment, by bringing together –omics analysis, bioinformatics, health services research, patient data analytics and clinical trials, CPPH targets to develop new methods of disease management and evaluation of effectiveness against the MOH’s five strategic areas of diseases, namely cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and other metabolic / endocrine conditions, infectious diseases and neurological and sense disorders.

CPPH is chiefly responsible for developing the strategy for precision medicine in NUHS and serves as the contact point for precision medicine efforts at the national level and with other industry players. The core objectives of CPPH is to strengthen strategic alliances with industry partners to implement precision medicine in NUHS and to provide advice for project management and administrative support for pilots leading to clinical implementation in specific disease areas where precision medicine may have an impact in the short term.

Professor Tai E Shyong (Director) 

Ms. Mun Le Xuan (Administrator)