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COVID-19 Virtual Ward: Recovering at Home

The COVID-19 Virtual Ward: Recovering from COVID-19 at Home programme serves COVID-19 patients whose conditions are stable enough to recover in the comfort of their homes. As a COVID-19 patient, you are not allowed to attend all General Practitioner (GP), polyclinic or hospital appointments. 

Through this programme, dedicated NUHS doctors and nurses forming the care team will monitor you remotely and be responsible for all your medical needs. NUHS medical staff or from our affiliated third-party vendors may also visit you at home to provide the necessary medical treatment. If your condition worsens, you may need to be transferred to the hospital.

You may need to do a repeat swab test towards the end of your journey with COVID-19 to determine that you are no longer infectious and can be discharged. Your doctor under the programme will discuss this with you.

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