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Health Services Research

NUHS Health Services Research

Apart from developing programmes that cater to the different care needs of the population, we are also dedicated to the continual refinement of our existing programmes through research. We believe that research will accelerate the development and dissemination of innovation, and increase mindshare among policy makers, service providers, academics and patients to bring about improvement of population health.

Regional Health System (RHS) Evaluation 
Regional Health System (RHS) Evaluation
The RHS Evaluation Team examines the impact and effectiveness of RHS programmes so as to assist in the continued delivery of value-based, innovative and sustainable healthcare. Co-created by the NUHS RHS Office and the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR), the RHS Evaluation Team aims to contribute to local practice and international literature on evaluation approaches, and looks forward to forging new research partnerships with stakeholders and partners.


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