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Tengah General and Community Hospital

Tengah Health CampusA new chapter in healthcare, caring for individuals and cultivating thriving communities in western Singapore

Nestled in the heart of Tengah Forest Town, the new Tengah General and Community Hospital (TGCH) will be an exciting and innovative health campus providing a comprehensive range of clinical specialties and healthcare services including emergency, inpatient, rehabilitative and outpatient specialist care. 

As part of National University Health System (NUHS) cluster, this state-of-the-art facility is slated to be ready by early 2030.

Intricately connected with the surrounding community, Tengah General and Community Hospital offers you the opportunity to create a healthcare facility of the future, tightly integrated with the residents and nature. As a people-focused organisation, we believe in respect and recognition. By harnessing the passion and strength of our team and putting them at the core of our culture, we create a nurturing environment to excel and deliver fulfilling care. 

Our Purpose

Caring for Individuals, Cultivating Thriving Communities 

Caring for Individuals

For Our Staff

A trusted team of leaders and colleagues who have each other's best interests at heart and embraces the unique needs of our people.

A safe and respected environment to express views and ideas freely.

For Our Patients

Receiving the best care that is centred around the patient and their family.

Cared for by the best team of providers who prioritises the patient’s well being.

Cultivating Thriving Communities

For Our Staff

A nurturing environment to explore new opportunities.

A positive organisation with common goals and celebrates successes as a team.

For Our Patients

Cared for in a safe environment that is purposefully created to help patients heal.

Partnering the care team to be empowered to return to the community as a healthy person.

Join Us at Tengah General and Community Hospital!

Everyone has a voice that is heard

An optimised environment with a primary focus on clinical work

A leadership that works with and for you

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