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Enabling Care in the Community

Regional Health System

Building a Healthy Community – With You, For You


We care for you. As a regional health system (RHS), we partner the various health and social care community partners in the West to create a supportive eco-system for you to get healthy, live well and stay healthy. 

Be part of our efforts and join us in achieving our vision of building

A Healthy and Engaged Population in the West

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At NUHS, we are committed to enhancing the health of the community we serve. By leveraging on our position within the NUHS Academic Health System, we adopt a population health approach that encompasses facilitating quality, cost-effective care, supporting health and wellness in the community, and empowering you to take ownership of your own health.

You can do your part by getting screened regularly, increasing your health literacy and leading a healthy lifestyle.


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The Western region also comprises more than 100 community healthcare providers and social care agencies. Through our collaborations with our partners, we facilitate the integration and transition of care services between the hospital and community, enabling you to receive care in the most appropriate setting. 

If you are keen to partner us in our efforts or find out more about what we're doing in your community, contact us at

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