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Research Facilities

 NUHS offers a wide range of research facilities and services which provide access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and cutting edge technology to facilitate and enhance basic, clinical and translational research conducted by our researchers and students. Several of the research facilities also provide training and support services to assist investigators to make optimal use of the advanced technologies available to them. Highly-trained staff offer assistance at various stages of a project such as developing research proposals, sample preparation to analyzing, processing, and interpreting the data that are generated by sophisticated technologies. Find out more below.

  • TR


The NUH Tissue Repository (TR) is a well-established core facility with infrastructure in bio-banking and data collection. Its mission is to provide investigators with high quality clinical samples and associated data in a manner that is safe, efficient and ethical. TR ensures the harvesting, processing and storage of bio-specimens is in accordance with national legislation (PDPA, HBRA) and international best practices laid out by International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER), a leading global organization that promotes and harmonize high quality standards, ethical principles and innovation in the science and management of bio-repositories. TR provides a platform for investigators to access bio-specimen related research and bio-banking resource management services at a fee for service. TR freezer farms at offsite warehouses provide solution in business continuity planning, addressing unforeseen events such as natural or man-made disasters or equipment failure that may render parts or all of inventories unusable. TR’s high throughput automated liquid handler for processing liquid bio-specimen enables TR to support large scale multi-centres projects in bio-banking. These are all made possible through the support of a core of multidisciplinary team in consent taking, bio-specimen accrual, processing, quality control, storage, retrieval, distribution, annotation of associated data and management.


Dr Eng Chon Boon (Director)
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