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My Health Map

NUHS Care in the Community - My Health Map

My Health Map (MHM) is a preventive health management plan that empowers you to take the first steps to staying healthy. Developed by NUHS, MHM recommends health screening and vaccinations appropriate for individuals aged 40 years and above. These preventive health milestones are based on age and gender guidelines provided by the local health authorities.

Keeping track of your health status can help you make informed decisions about your lifestyle choices to improve your well-being and staying healthy as you age actively.

When you sign up for MHM, we can support you on your health journey by:

  • Keeping you updated on preventive health milestones appropriate for you
  • Sending timely reminders about your upcoming screening or vaccination schedule
  • Providing information about where you can access relevant health services at government subsidised rates
Download the brochure for My Health Map here (PDF, 275KB)
NUHS - My Health Map - Essential Health Screening and Prevention Milestones
NUHS Care in the Community - My Health Map QR Code

Take charge of your health today and sign up for My Health Map by scanning the QR code on the left or click here!