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Active Grant Calls

Active Grant Calls are grant calls that are currently open for applications at NUHS.

Please refer to the information below, for the respective grant call-related details and grant call-related resources that are available for download.

NUHS Principal Investigators (PIs) interested in submitting an application for Active Grant Calls listed below can refer to the NUHS Research Office (RO) intranet page for more information#.

​# Kindly refer to the NUHS Intranet to retrieve the following information:
  1. Contact List of NUHS Research Office Grants Team
    Find the contact details of the officer-in-charge for the various grants
    (Location in the NUHS intranet - Research Matters > Research Grants > Contact Us > Contact List [downloadable PDF document])

  2. NUH Grant Endorsement Form (GEF) /NUS Research Compliances and Resource Forms 
    (Location in the NUHS intranet - Research Matters > Research Grants > Grant Flow and Processes > Useful form templates for download > NUH GEF / NUS Research Compliances and Resources Form [downloadable Word document])


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