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NUHS Residency

DIO's Message

What makes a great institution is its people.

In 2010, when the Ministry of Health introduced the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical education-International Residency System to Singapore, the NUHS took the opportunity to go beyond producing competent specialists: we wanted leaders who will shape the future of medicine in Singapore and beyond. As such, we recognised that we needed to train their minds, mould their hearts, and imbue them with our institution's corporate values (Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence).

The saying "It takes a village to raise a child" is an apt description of the way the programme works. It begins with choosing the correct people to be on board. Together with our CEO and Chairman Medical Board (CMB), we select specialists who have nurturing and mentoring attributes.

The teachers are the cornerstones and make the difference in a training program. At NUHS Residency, we place great importance in the appointment of our Program Directors (PD) and Faculty members. We handpick passionate people with a love for teaching and mentoring, who personify our NUHS values and who care for each and every resident as a unique individual. Entrusted upon them is the mandate of training our next generation of Medical Leaders for Singapore - You!

Besides our educators, our NUH CEO, Chairman Medical Board and many senior leaders take a personal interest in our residents too. Many know our residents by name. The grooming of a NUHS resident is not only the job of the DIO or the PDs but everyone in the NUHS family!

As we care and groom our residents, we would also like them to give their best to their patients and the healthcare community. Our residents are doctors with a heart to give back to society through their myriad of talents. That's why our residents are encouraged to give their time and effort to help the wider community, especially the underprivileged, through participation in local and overseas outreach programmes. Through these, our residents also gain exposure to more challenging healthcare environments.

A NUHS resident is one who is able to look beyond self while upholding the ideals of Medicine.

We look for special people; people whose values and ethos resonate well with us. Come talk to us if you wish for us to develop you to your fullest potential.

Associate Professor Shirley Ooi
Designated Institutional Official (DIO)
NUHS Residency

Contact Us

For non-NUHS Residents, please email us at for any residency-related enquiries.

For NUHS Residents who wish to provide feedback/compliments, please use the online form here.