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Surgery-in-General Residency Programme

The Surgery-In-General (SIG) Residency Programme at National University Health System (NUHS) provides a broad experience for residents who are destined for specialist surgical fields of:

  1. Hand Surgery
  2. Urology

NUHS Surgery-In-General offers a structured programme which comprises of a 2-year foundational training, followed by 4 years of specialty training in the respective subspecialties. Emphasis during the first two years of the programme is on diagnosis, preoperative and postoperative care, acquisition of basic surgical skills and operative experience. Considerable experience is gained in the management of all areas of general surgery, including abdomen, alimentary tract, breast, vascular system, endocrine, genitor-urinary system, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, trauma, and critical care. Scholarly research is strongly encouraged during this period of time. 

Programme Highlights

  • The University Surgical Cluster (USC) at NUHS has a long and distinguished reputation of preparing its graduates for careers in academic surgery.
  • Direct access to faculty members who are committed to teaching and facilitating the growth of medical knowledge. Many faculty members are recognised leaders in their field both nationally and internationally; publish and lecture extensively.
  • Broad scope of surgical problems and exciting research endeavours that include basic, translational, outcomes and clinical research.

Programme Details

download curriculum.jpg

Our Faculty

Programme Director
Dr Teo Kejia

Associate Programme Director
Dr Teh Jun Liang 

Core Faculty
Dr Bettina Lieske
Dr Loo Mee Ann Lynette
Dr Rajeev Parameswaran 
Dr Tan Wee Boon 
A/Prof Alfred Kow Wei Chieh 


Contact Us

Programme Director

Dr Teo Kejia

Programme Coordinator

Ms Michelle Kuan


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