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Metabolic Phenotyping Unit



The Metabolic Core provides metabolic phenotyping services that are essential in both cross-sectional and prospective studies. These services include oral and intravenous glucose tolerance tests, glucagon stimulation tests, euglycemic and hyperglycemic clamp studies, and indirect calorimetry. We collaborate with other research partners to facilitate cold stimulation studies and imaging for brown adipose tissue, as well as tracer infusion studies for hepatic glucose production. The Metabolic Core has also established percutaneous skeletal muscle biopsies and myocyte cultures for experiments involving skeletal muscle.

Our Staff

NameKey Responsibilities
Assistant Professor Khoo Chin Meng (Core Director)
Senior Consultant, 
Department of Medicine
Dr Khoo Chin Meng is a Senior Consultant endocrinologist in the Department of Medicine at the National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore, and Assistant Professor in the National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. His research interests are in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity/metabolic disorders. He works with partners from NUS and other academic institutions, and with pharmaceutical partners in developing and executing research protocols.
Sandi Myo ThantSandi joined the team in 2013 and has since been executing clinical procedure support for various studies, showing exceptional skills in intravenous cannulation. With her well-versed medical background, she took on the additional role of performing laboratory procedures such as PBMC isolation and ELISAs.
Kyaw Myo Thant TinoTino joined the team in 2013 and has coordinated many research studies over the years. He is in charge of administrative functions, including procurement, inventory check, and adherence to institutional regulations and compliance requirements. He is in charge of conducting venepuncture/cannulation training, and has also shown impressive skills in performing clinical studies.
Lui Kai FooMr Lui possesses outstanding technical skill sets, which he employs in ensuring proper maintenance of clinical equipment. His 20+ years’ experience is reflected in the high quality of the clinical data obtained in his research studies.
Toh Koh JongKoh Jong is in charge of equipment maintenance, in adherence to audit requirements. She has been working to maintain the specimen repository, ensuring proper biobanking of samples for future collaborations. She is responsible for training researchers in calibration and maintenance of the glucose analyzers in the core.
Jayagowtham K AnnaduraiWith a biomedical science background and past wet-lab experience, Jayagowtham has shown great potential in the research field. He provides clinical support during procedures, and has also taken on additional roles such as sample processing. Moreover, he provides administrative support in the form of maintaining documents, adhering to research and safety protocols in the process.

Menu of Services

TestPrice (Academic)Price (Non-Academic)
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)$155.00
Intravenous Glucose Tolerance Test (IVGTT)$617.00
Mixed Meal Tolerance Test (MMTT)$302.00
Hyperinsulinemic Euglycemic Clamp Studies$1,008.00
Human in vitro cultures of Muscle and Fat$348.59$522.89
Indirect Calorimetry / Energy Expenditure Test$214.00

Note: “Prices listed are subject to revision, based on periodic cost review”

For more information, please visit NUS Metabolic Core.

Mr. Tino Kyaw Myo Thant 

Ms. Sandi Myo Thant