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4th Quarter

DateSpeakerPresentation Title
12 October 2016NAMeeting is cancelled
26 October 2016NAMeeting is cancelled
9 November 2016NAMeeting is cancelled
23 November 2016NAChange with Admin meeting
7 December 2016Dr Andrea LimHuman amylin induces Amyloid-beta oligomerisation and activates inflammsomes: Elucidating the mechanisms mediating AD pathogenesis
14 December 2016Dr Elijah MakImaging markers in neurodegenerative diseases - from global atrophy to in vivo molecular pathology

3rd Quarter

DateSpeakerPresentation Title
13 July 2016Mr Lee Wei ThyeEffects of NeuroAiD II (MLC901) on APP processing and Tau phosphorylation
27 July 2016NAMeeting is cancelled
10 August 2016Ms Rhea TanNew Insights into Mechanisms of Small Vessel Disease Stroke from Genetics
24 August 2016Mr Sasinthiran S/O ThiagarajanCoronal CT is comparable to MR Imaging in aiding diagnosis of patients from a memory clinic
7 September 2016Ms Joyce ChongIncreased Transforming Growth Factor Beta2 in the neocortex of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia with Lewy Bodies is correlated with disease severity
21 September 2016NAJoining CIRC Research talk
28 September 2016Ms Ashwati VipinDifferential default mode and executive control network dysconnectivity in Alzheimer's disease with and without cerebrovascular disease
Ms Joanna ChongThe influence of cerebrovascular disease on functional connectivity and structural covariance networks in prodromal and clinical stages of Alzheimer's disease

2nd Quarter

DateSpeakerPresentation Title
6 April 2016Asst/Prof John ChuaAxonal transport and neurodegeneration
20 April 2016Mr Ji FangDifferential white matter tissue and free-water compartment changes in Alzheimer's disease with and without cerebrovascular disease and their associations with cognitive impairment
4 May 2016NAmeeting is cancelled
18 May 2016NANA
1 June 2016Mr Goh Win King / Ms Phua Ka SinChanging Patterns of Patient Characteristics in a Memory Clinic in Singapore
15 June 2016NANA
29 June 2016NANA

1st Quarter

DateSpeakerPresentation Title
13 January 2016Mr Yeo Yew Seong KernAnkle Brachial Index in Cognitive Impairment and Dementia
27 January 2016NAPaper discussion
10 February 2016NAMeeting is cancelled
24 February 2016NANA
9 March 2016Ms Aw Pei Sun / Connie TeoDanone Study
Dr. Summer XuPhytoestrogen and Cognition
23 March 2016Mr Chan Qun LinThe combined utility of a brief functional measure and performance-based screening test for case finding of cognitive impairment in primary healthcare