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Emergency Medicine Residency Programme

NUHS Emergency Medicine Residency Programme

Emergency Medicine is a specialty that deals with a wide spectrum of patient presentations  and  acuity;  the  primary  duty  of  the  Emergency  Physician  is  to resuscitate,  stabilise  and  ensure  that  all  life-threatening  causes  of  patient’s conditions are considered. All of this requires a quick mind, a decisive nature, a good fund of knowledge and interest in the breadth of medicine, excellent physical diagnostic skills, good manual dexterity, the deductive ability of a detective, and nerves of steel. Through progressive responsibility and opportunity to develop clinical maturity, judgment and technical skills, the NUHS Emergency Medicine (EM) Residency Programme  will  train  leaders  in  emergency  medicine,  capable  of providing highest quality care and advancing the specialty.


Our  programme  is  committed  to  excellent  emergency  care  of  our  patients through the training of the next generation of Emergency Physicians who are competent, compassionate and who are also able to contribute to the specialty of EM through leadership roles in health care, education and research.


The  Emergency  Medicine  Residency  is  a  five-year  programme.  The  first  three years are designed to give the residents a broad exposure to all aspects of EM including acquisition of core EM knowledge and development of procedural skills in management of the acutely ill patient. This is accomplished through rotations in internal medicine, orthopaedic, cardiology, paediatric medicine, EYE / ENT / OG as well as critical care areas including cardiac, surgical and medical intensive care units. 

The curriculum prepares the residents for the intermediate examination (M.Med EM) by end of Year 3 (R3). An Exam Preparatory Tutorial Series has been  specially  developed  by  NUHS  EM  faculty  to  assist  the  residents  in  this examination. Upon successful completion of the intermediate examination, residents proceed to complete 24 months as senior residents in order to be eligible for the local EM Exit Examination. Upon successful completion of the EM Exit Examination, the residents will be credentialled as EM Specialists by the Singapore Accreditation Board (SAB).


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