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Centre for Health Services and Policy Research



Health Services and Policy Research is a multidisciplinary field of scientific investigation that asks:
What works for whom, at what cost, and under which circumstances?

The Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR) was established in April 2014 as a Centre for organising health services to meet the health needs of a population. The Centre studies how social factors, financing systems, organisational structures and processes, health technologies, and personal behaviour affect access to healthcare, the quality and cost of healthcare, and ultimately our health and well-being, through a systems-level approach. It aims to tackle healthcare issues from a multidisciplinary perspective, connecting healthcare workers, patients, researchers, policy- and decision-makers in the fast-changing nature of health services delivery. It also aims to conduct research into the use of data analytics to improve clinical care delivery and patient safety.

The Centre envisions to position the National University Health Systems to be a strategic partner to the Ministry of Health and the Agency for Integrated Care, and a strong player in the region to conduct Health Systems Research for informing policies and clinical practices.


Toh Kai Yee


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