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4th Quarter

Presentation Title
7 October 2015
Mr Lum Zheng KangMedication Compliance in Patients with Alzheimer's disease and Mixed dementia
21 October 2015NAMeeting was cancelled
4 November 2015Mr Shaik Muhammad Amin Bin Mohamed BasheerRisk factors for cognitive impairment in primary healthcare
11 November 2015NAJoining CIRC symposium
18 November 2015Dr. Olivier GodefroyWhat is the prevalence of poststroke cognitive impairment? The importance of criterion of cognitive deficit
2 December 2015Ms Jamie Lee Jia YanThe Outcomes and Feasibility of Case Finding Among Older Adults

3rd Quarter

DateSpeakerPresentation Title
1 July 2015Dr. Andrew Tan Eik HockFDG PET Imaging in Dementia
15 July 2015Prof John Edward MorleyCase Finding for Early Cognitive Impairment
29 July 2015Dr. Chuang Kai HsiangInfluence of cardiovascular risk factors on regional CBF in Chinese elders
12 August 2015Dr. Xu XinNeuropsychiatric symptoms in the harmonization cohort
26 August 2015Dr. Cisy Liu / Dr. Saima HilalDTI analysis from EDIS and Harmy cohorts
9 September 2015Dr. Dong Yanhong / Dr. Xu JingAn ultra-short cognitive screening test to detect significant post-stroke vascular cognitive impairment
23 September 2015Dr. Ma Serrie Platero SuministradoThe Prevalence of Syphilis Seroreactivity in Singapore

2nd Quarter

DateSpeakerPresentation Title
8 April 2015Teo Kee Ling
Informed Consent Procedures
15 April 2015NAMeeting was cancelled
29 April 2015Kim Anne GranlandTrain Your Brain - A Pilot Study of Cognitive Intervention Group Program for MCI Patients
Dr. Rakesh BalachandarNeuro-functional markers of early cognitive decline in vascular and degenerative pathology: A translational research in the elderly
13 May 2015Tan Wei Quan BryceAssociation between Homocysteine and White Matter Atrophy
27 May 2015Ong Yi TingRetinal Microvascular Alterations in Alzheimer's Disease & Vascular Dementia
10 June 2015NAMeeting was cancelled
24 June 2015Dr. Lim Yun-AnNeuroAid in Alzheimer's Disease

1st Quarter

DateSpeakerPresentation Title
14 January 2015Shaik Muhammad Amin / Chan Qun LinValidity and reliability of the informant AD8 for case finding in primary health-care settings
28 January 2015Prof Dan MileaOcular behaviour and cognitive dysfunction
11 February 2015Dr. Saima Hilal / Emiel SikkingCerebral Cortical Microinfarcts on 3T MRI and their Relation with Cortical Atrophy and Cognition in EDIS
4 March 2015Dr. Liu SiweiLost in Disease Development: Correlating Ganglion Cell Thickness and White Matter Intensity among Healthy Normal, Cognitive Impairment, and Alzheimer's Disease
18 March 2015A/Prof Heather WhitsonOf Sight and Mind: Looking for Links Between Age-related Changes in Eye and Brain