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4th Quarter

DateSpeakerPresentation Title
1 October 2014Dr. Feng LeiNeurocognitive assessment in the diet and healthy aging study cohort - current protocol and proposed collaboration with MACC
15 October 2014Tan Chuan Kiat NigelRelationship between cognitive performance and thinning of retinal neuronal layer in elderly
5 November 2014Dr. Tien-Wen LeeImplication of Intrinsic Brain Activities and Its Application to Clinical Neuroscience and the MACC
19 November 2014Ang Seow LiNPS among community-dwelling elderly in Singapore
3 December 2014Dr. Lim Yun AnCancelled
10 December 2014Dr. Saima HilalDeterminants and consequences of cortical thickness in an Asian population - The Epidemiology of Dementia in Singapore study

3rd Quarter

DateSpeakerPresentation Title
9 July 2014NilNil
23 July 2014Chai Yuek LingAssociation of Growth Differentiation Factor 15 with Cognition
6 August 2014Lee Si MinMedication Compliance among patients with Alzheimer's Disease
20 August 2014Dr. Amutha Barathi VeluchamyThe State-of-the-Art Animal Facility For Ophthalmic Research
3 September 2014Prof. Claudio CuelloThe McGill rat transgenic model of the Alzheimer's like amyloid pathology, a discussion
17 September 2014Dr. Saima HilalHigh-definition optical coherence tomography and MRI-defined neuroimaging markers in an Asian population

2nd Quarter

DateSpeakerPresentation Title
2 April 2014Jasinda Lee HanqingNeuroinflammation in Neurodegenerative Dementias
16 April 2014Asst/P. Saji Kumar SreedharanHow do Memories Leave Their Mark: Implications of Synaptic Tagging, Competition and Metaplasticity in Health and Disease
30 April 2014Chan Qun Lin / Shaik Muhammad AminThe Feasibility and Validation of AD8 in the Primary Healthcare Setting in Singapore
14 May 2014Dr. Monica SainiCancelled
21 May 2014Dr. Harpreet HyareNeuroimaging Biomarkers in Neurodegeneration
28 May 2014Asst/P. Tan Chuen SengUtilizing Repeated Measurements for Etiological Studies
11 June 2014Dr. Lim Yun-An AndreaCancelled
25 June 2014Ee Lin YongMapping MMSE and MoCA scores onto CDR scale for post-stroke patients

1st Quarter

SpeakerPresentation Title
8 January 2014Dr. Chuang Kai HsiangImaging Dimentia: A Translational Approach
15 January 2014Dr. Claire ThompsonProspective Memory
22 January 2014Susanne VeluwMicroinfarcts in Vascular Cognitive Impairment
5 February 2014Dr. Newman Siu Kwan SzeProteomics of Cerebrovascular Disease
19 February 2014NAMeeting was cancelled
5 March 2014A/Prof. Thiruma Valavan ArumugamNot(ch) Just Development: Notch-Mediated Cell Death Mechanisms in Stroke
19 March 2014Ong Yi TingRetinal Neuronal and Axonal Structure Alterations Across Dementia Subtypes