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Research Investigator


Research investigators play an important role in the development of drugs, innovative therapeutics, medical devices and other products which help to improve the health of people around the world.

By conducting clinical research, Investigators gain several advantages:

  • Professional Development - Remain at the cutting edge of your specialty and meet other Investigators to exchange ideas and plan future collaboration.
  • Professional Recognition - Investigators often progress to become key opinion leaders within the healthcare industry.
  • Introduce Alternative Treatments to Your Patients - Investigators become exposed to new medical therapies and have the advantage of offering their patients alternative treatments which may be available only through participation in a clinical trial.

It is important for every Investigator to have a thorough understanding of the institutional processes and policies, regulatory requirements and other aspects of clinical research prior to embarking on a clinical study. This is because it is the responsibility of the Investigator to ensure proper conduct of research and human subject protection are undertaken during the study.  All Investigators are to ensure subcontractors and collaborators also comply with the NUH Human Research Protection Policy.

Please refer to the NUHS Research Office’s intranet site (on the NUHS Portal) for the guidelines and processes in conducting research in NUH.

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