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About NUHS Fund

NUHS Fund Limited (NUHS Fund) is a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and a registered charity with IPC status. The charity was set up by NUHS to promote medical research and development as well as provide health related services for the benefit of the Singapore Community. 

Gifts directed to NUHS Fund will be used to ensure better health outcomes for the Singapore community. 

  • Your investment in research will lead to the discovery of causes of diseases, the development of more effective treatments and the creation of better technologies to support better health. 
  • Your support for education will allow healthcare professionals to continually improve their skills to heal, care for and support healthcare needs in the community
  • Your compassion to support patients especially those assessed to be in financial need, will make a difference in their journey back to better health

Every dollar donated to NUHS Fund goes in its entirety to support the patients assessed to be in financial need to help them with their recovery journeys.

NUHS Development Office (DO) does not engage third party fundraisers.

The day-to-day management of the charity has been delegated to NUHS DO, which reports to the Board of Directors as well as to the Chief Executive of NUHS.

The Board of Directors comprises of directors, of which four are in the employment of NUHS & its entities while the remaining are independent directors. The Board provides guidance and has oversight over the charity, including guidance on fund raising strategies, fund raising efforts and utilisation of funds based on prioritisation of healthcare needs. Prof Lim Pin is the Chairman.

NUHS Fund incurs minimal administration costs as all manpower and operating costs are absorbed in the budget of NUHS DO. Expenses incurred by the charity include bank charges and audit fees due to annual statutory requirements as well as administrative charges levied by online donation platforms (i.e. Giving.SG, Benevity, Give.Asia and SimplyGiving), all of which are borne by funds ring-fenced for these purposes.

Every dollar donated to NUHS Fund goes in its entirety to support the patients assessed to be in financial need to help them with their recovery journeys.

For more information about NUHS Fund, click here (PDF, 900KB).


NUHS Fund Annual Report

FY 2020 (PDF, 187KB) FY 2019 (PDF, 213KB)   FY 2018 (PDF, 243KB)  

NUHS Fund Donor Report
To download, please click here (PDF, 6MB).

The Heart Fund Donor Report (Updated bi-annually)
To download, please click here (PDF, 3.1MB).

NUH Children's Fund Donor Report (Updated bi-annually)
To download, please click here (PDF, 4.9MB).

Cancer Fund Donor Report (Updated annually)
To download, please click here (PDF, 456KB).

The Gut Fund Brochure
Click here (PDF, 260KB) to find out more about The Gut Fund.


Personal Data Protection Act: Use of Donor Information (PDF, 584KB)

Gift Facts

  • A gift of $200 can help a patient to purchase consumable supplies such as diapers, feeding tubes and milk feeds.
  • A gift of $1,000 can help a patient with their medical treatment costs, such as drugs and medical operations.
  • A gift of $12,000 can offset cost of interim nursing home fees while waiting for long-term voluntary nursing home placement.

How to make a gift, click here.

To contact us, please click here.

If you have something to report on actual or suspected wrongdoings involving any NUHS employees, please refer to our whistleblowing reporting channel here

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