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Value Driven Quality Care

NUHS Value Driven Outcome Initiatives

What are Value Driven Outcomes (VDO)

Value-driven outcomes, or VDO, seek to improve quality and outcomes for patients while rationalising the costs required to provide the desired quality care and outcomes for patients.  

A graphical representation of VDO is as follows:

                                     Q (Quality)
   V (Value) =              ---------------------------------                  
                                      C (Cost Required)

As part of a nation-wide effort to provide good healthcare which is affordable and sustainable for Singapore’s future generations, National University Health System (NUHS) has embarked on initiatives to deliver VDO.  VDO is a powerful tool which can enable the transformation of healthcare, by empowering healthcare providers with the ability to deliver good quality care at reasonable costs and organised around the patients.  

At NUHS, we see VDO as a platform for us to move forward in a new way. 

"Using data to drive more value in our healthcare system will be one key priority. A good example is the NUHS' ongoing Value Driven Outcome project. By collecting, benchmarking and analysing various quality and cost indicators, and providing the data to healthcare professionals, it enabled them to identify cost-effective clinical practices, reduce unnecessary variations and improve both cost and quality outcomes." 

(Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health, Singapore, 31 May 2017)