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Our Care Collaborators

As a regional health system, we work closely with partners to deliver person-centred care.

Our partners span the care continuum including General Practitioners, Intermediate and Long-Term Care agencies and Voluntary Welfare Organisations. This enables a holistic approach where partners collaborating with us become part of a larger multi-disciplinary team centred around the patient.

Our RHS.png

We seek to deliver high-quality, accessible and cost-effective care through alignment of key objectives and integration of strategies, while facilitating open dialogue through these collaborations:

  • Western Region Consortium consists of western region partners coming together to benefit from sharing, networking, learning and collaboration.
  • NUHS RHS Steering Committee comprises of a core group of representatives from the public and private sectors who will provide the strategic direction and guide the development of the RHS based on the population's care needs;
  • Workgroups between specific partners set up to focus on specific areas of interest or need, as well as programmes for collaboration. They come under the oversight of the NUHS RHS Steering Committee.
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