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Be a Volunteer

Are you looking for a meaningful way to give back to your community? Be a part of our healthy community efforts and make a difference in someone's life today. We are looking for passionate, caring and committed individuals to be:



Conduct home visits, befriend elderly residents and empower them to care for themselves better in the community


Craft Makers

Create thoughtful gifts for patients and share health tips with residents through creative art displays at community sites


Digital Ambassadors

Equip residents with basic digital skills

Health Aides

Help to deliver basic health equipment like blood pressure monitors and guide residents on how to use them

Health Peers

Provide resident peer support, encouragement and guidance on how to make sensible changes to lead a healthier lifestyle

Role Players

Help test new programmes to improve our care services for patients

Sign Up as a Volunteer for NUHS Community Programmes!

Sign up by filling up our volunteer form here and our team will be in touch with you soon. Or find out more by reaching out to our team at


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