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Be a Community Partner

NUHS Care in the Community - Be a Community Partner

"My practice has benefitted from the NUHS PCN programme tremendously. I like the way GPs and NUHS have collaborated in the management of chronic diseases. Special thank you to the care coordinators and nurses who make our life easier by fixing the diabetic eye and feet check-ups for our patients.” - Dr Sun See Seng, West Coast Clinic & Surgery

As a regional health system, we work closely with partners to deliver person-centred care in the community. Our partners span the care continuum including General Practitioners (GPs), Intermediate and Long-Term Care (ILTC) agencies and Voluntary Welfare Organisations. This enables a holistic approach where partners collaborating with us become part of a larger multi-disciplinary team centred around the patient. 

Be a part of our network! Connect with us at

If you would like to refer a resident to NUHS, you can fill in this form here.

NUHS Primary Care Network - GP Partner 
Provide Better Primary Care as PCN Partner GP
As a GP partner in the NUHS Primary Care Network (PCN), you will be supported by our nurses and care coordinators to provide team-based care to your patients. Your patients will also have access to services such as Diabetic Retinal Photography and Diabetic Foot Screening. 

Interested to find out more, or to be part of NUHS PCN? Contact us at
NUHS Care in the Community - Intermediate and Long-Term Care 
Intermediate & Long-Term Care
NUHS works closely with our community care partners to deliver sustainable intermediate and long-term care (ILTC) in the community. Areas of collaboration include multi-disciplinary case discussions to improve patient care, referral workflows to move patients seamlessly from the hospital to ILTC facilities as well as training for ILTC partners. An example is the Infectious Diseases Community Pilot (IDCP) Programme


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