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NUHS App Privacy Policy
  1. By providing us with your personal data, you consent to our collection, use, and disclosure (including transfer) of your personal data in accordance with this NUHS App Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy"). Please DO NOT provide us with any personal data if you do not accept this Privacy Policy. "Personal data" has the meaning as defined in the Personal Data Protection Act ("PDPA").
  2. We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time and will make available the updated Privacy Policy in the App. The updated Privacy Policy will supersede earlier versions and will apply to personal data provided to us previously. Each time you use the NUHS App and any updates, upgrades, new versions, documentation, and content and services provided by or through the App (collectively referred to as the "NUHS App"), or contact, interact or transact with us, you acknowledge and agree that the latest version of this Privacy Policy shall apply. This NUHS App Privacy Policy shall be read in conjunction with the NUHS App Terms of Use.
  3. If you provide us with another person’s personal data (including your family members), you warrant that:
    1. you are authorised to act on his/her behalf; and
    2. he/she accepts that his/her personal data will be subject to this Privacy Policy (as amended from time to time).
  4. We may collect, use and disclose the personal data received from you for the purposes listed below and any other related or associated purposes (collectively the "Purposes"):
    1. setting up your account with us and managing your use and access of the NUHS App;
    2. providing you or other users with the services or functions of the NUHS App including without limitation to maintain your general health record, to make, amend or review your appointments with any of our specialist outpatient clinics, to order medicines;
    3. enabling you to view and pay your outstanding medical bills through NUHS App;
    4. managing your relationship with us;
    5. transfer to and from computer systems operated or managed by third parties (including HealthHub, Singpass, payment systems, the National Electronic Health Record system managed by the Ministry of Health, the SingHealth Online Appointment System and National Healthcare Group Polyclinics Online Appointment System) in order to provide you with the services and functions of the NUHS App;
    6. assisting you with your enquiries;
    7. obtaining feedback;
    8. accounting, risk management and record keeping;
    9. informing you about service upgrades and updates;
    10. performing network or service enhancement;
    11. carrying out research, planning and statistical analysis, including satisfaction surveys to improve and personalise our services to you and develop new products and services;
    12. personalising our services and recommending content related to our services and your health;
    13. offering to you rewards and loyalty programs which you may qualify for;
    14. enabling you to participate in and to receive information regarding the rewards and loyalty programs which you may qualify for;
    15. sending you health-related information from Health Together, a community initiative by NUHS and its partner to support your health needs.
    16. sending you other advertisements, information on promotions by our partners or invitations to events; and/or
    17. purposes which are reasonably related to the aforesaid.
  5. When you provide us with personal data:
    1. We may access, use or disclose your personal data -
      1. without your express or informed consent if such access, use or disclosure is permitted by the PDPA, as may be clarified by written guidance issued by the Personal Data Protection Commission from time to time, or and other any written law,
      2. if it falls within one of the purposes which consent is deemed under the PDPA notification to patients found at this link (; or
    2. We may from time to time disclose your personal data to our agents who process data on our behalf and act as our data intermediaries. In that event, these agents are only permitted to use and process the personal data for our purposes, and not for other purposes.
  6. To safeguard your personal data, all electronic storage and transmission of personal data is secured with appropriate security technologies.
  7. The NUHS App may contain links to other websites or applications whose data protection and privacy practices may differ from ours. We are not responsible for the content and privacy practices of these other websites or applications and encourage you to review the privacy policies or notices of those websites or applications. You may adjust your communication preferences under the App settings.
  8. Please contact [email protected] if you:
    1. have any enquires or feedback on this Privacy Policy; or
    2. need more information on or access to data which you have previously provided to us.
  9. Due to the nature of the NUHS App, there is an inherent risk of wrongful, illegal or unauthorised access by third parties to your account(s) and/or handheld/mobile device(s). You hereby acknowledge and agree to accept the risk of such wrongful, illegal or unauthorised access and hereby agree that NUHS shall not be liable for any loss or damage howsoever arising from such wrongful, illegal or unauthorised access.
  10. Caregiver and Dependent's Services

    Granting authority to caregiver

    1. Should I authorise a caregiver to manage and operate the NUHS App on my behalf, I consent and agree to that person being given permission to access all my relevant information and data (including personal data and medical information) in the NUHS App, and to perform any of the functions in the NUHS App, including making or re-scheduling my appointments, ordering medication, accessing my medical information, or making payments, on my behalf.
    2. Should I authorise a caregiver to manage and operate the NUHS App on my behalf, I understand that that person may request, through the NUHS App, access to my personal data and medical information contained in healthcare systems and applications operated or managed by the public healthcare institutions, including but not limited to HealthHub (including its Caregiver Module), and that person will be able to view and use the information.
    3. I understand that I may revoke the authority anytime.

    Caregiver's agreement

    1. Should I wish or agree to manage and operate the NUHS App on behalf of my dependents or persons under my care, I confirm that I am authorised to do so on their behalf.
    2. I agree to abide by the NUHS App terms of use and this Privacy Policy when using the NUHS App on their behalf.
    3. I agree on behalf of dependents or persons under my care, that the NUHS App may access to personal data and medical information contained in the healthcare systems and applications operated or managed by the public healthcare institutions, including but not limited to HealthHub (including its Caregiver Module) and agree to access and use such information only for authorised purposes.
  11. MyChart
    If I use MyChart features, I acknowledge that the MyChart mobile library features include all data such as test results from relevant public healthcare institutions that use the same electronic medical record system. I acknowledge and agree that the data from both NUHS and non-NUHS healthcare institutions may be available or displayed through the MyChart mobile library. I agree that NUHS and its institutions, employees or agents are not responsible for the data entered, commissioned or ordered by non-NUHS institutions, and that I should contact the corresponding staff from non-NUHS institutions for any consultation, query or clarification.

Effective Date: 4 November 2020
Date updated: 3 December 2023
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