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A/Prof Heng Chew Kiat

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  • Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore


PhD, National University of Singapore, Singapore; BSc (Hons), National University of Singapore, Singapore


-2015 – 2018: Investigation of a novel protein ADTRP and its role in coronary artery disease
Funding Agency: MOE
-2015 – 2018: Whole-exome sequencing to identify genetic variants associated with severe childhood obesity, and tracking the changing prevalence of obesity-related complications
Funding Agency: NMRC
-2011 – 2016: Genome-wide association studies for coronary artery disease
Funding Agency: NRF-CREATE
-2011 – 2013: Investigation of the role of serum amyloid A in atherosclerosis through initiation of apoptosis
Funding Agency: NMRC
-2008 – 2011: A genetic epidemiological investigation of a novel variant in the serum amyloid A1 gene and its role in coronary artery disease
Funding Agency: NMRC

1. Single Silicon Wafer Fabrication of Integrated Micro-Fluidic System (Joint US Patent Application No. 10/147,006)
2. Shallow Multi-well Plastic Chip For Thermal Multiplexing (US Application No: 10/613,599)
3. Nucleic Acid Purification Chip (WO 2005066343 A1)
4. Methods for assessing risk of diseases with multiple contributing factors (US patent Application No: US2005/0032066 A1) – Licensed as trade secret.
5. Immobilisation unit and device for isolation of nucleic acid molecules (Patent Application No PCT/SG2005/000374)
6. Shallow Multi-well Plastic Chip For Thermal Multiplexing (SG Patent No 114901)


Membership of the European Atherosclerosis Society
NMRC Local Review Panel Member and grant reviewer
Examiner, MOE Gifted Education Programme (H3 Examinations)
Judge, Singapore Science and Engineering Fair
Grant reviewer, US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (2016)
Grant reviewer, European Science Foundation (2016)
Grant reviewer, Singapore Millennium Foundation (2016)
Textbook Reviewer for “Genetics and Genomics in Medicine” by Tom Strachan, Garland Sciences (2014).
Advisor, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, Philippines (2012 – 2015).
Grant reviewer, Cape Biotech Trust, South Africa (2008)
Professor Jocelyn Hicks Best Poster Award 2005 – “An Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction And Amplification Lab-On-A-Chip System For Pathogen Detection”. 10th International Congress of Pediatric Laboratory Medicine (ICPLM), Singapore.
Baxter Healthcare Prize in Pediatric Dialysis Research Award, “Risk factors for cardiovascular abnormalities in children on dialysis”. 12th Annual Pediatric Dialysis Symposium at the 21st Annual Conference on Dialysis, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (2001).
Co-author of Young Investigator Award, “Predicting risk of death in our local Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the National University Hospital”, Western Pacific Association of Critical Care: 11th annual Congress, Singapore (2000).
Best Paediatric Medical Paper Award, “Monocyte HLA-DR expression in critically ill children with systemic inflammatory response syndrome”, 24th Australian & New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting on Intensive Care (1999)
University of Pittsburgh Exchange Scholarship (1997)

Journals & Publications

1E Kent Ridge Road, NUHS Tower Block, Singapore 119228
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