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Acute Psychosis

What is Acute Psychosis?

Also known as Brief Psychotic Disorder, this is an acute mental health condition where there is a loss of contact with reality. This is characterised by one or more of following features.

  • A reduced level of social functioning
  • Blunted or inappropriate affect
  • Changes in perception due to hallucination
  • Changes in thinking due to delusion
What are the signs & symptoms of Acute Psychosis?

Symptoms of Acute Psychosis include a brief period of delusion, hallucination, disorganised thoughts and/or speech with reduced motivation and/or initiative-taking compared to baseline state.

This might occur in the context of an acute stressor, such as bereavement, marriage breakdown, unemployment, imprisonment, accident, childbirth, migration, or social isolation.

What are the treatment options for Acute Psychosis?

The treatment includes medication.

Blood investigations and brain scans are sometimes performed to exclude medical conditions affecting the brain.

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