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Under the NUHS Department of Family Medicine, the undergraduate curriculum has developed and expanded over the past 11 years. Today, Family Medicine teaching spans the five years of medical school at the National University of Singapore.

Phase I

Students experience the healthcare system as observers in the Early Polyclinic Experience Programme. They are also able to experience through the eyes of the end-users by joining patients in the Longitudinal Patient Experience Programme.

Phase II

Foundational history taking and physical examination skills are taught in the Clinical Skills Foundation Programme.

Phase III

An eight-week long Family Medicine posting, students learn to perform simple consultations for the preventive, episodic, and long-term care of patients in the polyclinic and private family practice settings.

Phase IV & V

The Family Medicine selective between the end of Phase IV and the beginning of Phase V is a work-based learning selective where trainees evaluate and manage primary care patients in a supervised environment. In this selective, learners are trained to consolidate disparate pieces of medical information from different clinical postings, within the safety of a closely supervised Family Medicine setting.

The undergraduate curriculum prepares graduates for the future, where generalist, community-based and patient-centred care integrated across providers and disciplines is expected to become the norm of clinical practice. It informs graduates interested in hospital-based specialties on how care in the community complements care in the acute hospital, so that holistic patient-centeredness remains core to the practice of medicine.


The NUHS Family Medicine Residency Programme started in response to a vision to produce generalists who are equipped with sound clinical judgment, a scholastic attitude, and a heart to serve patients and the society.

The programme offers a diverse experience based in the National University Hospital, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Jurong Community Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, National University Polyclinics, Raffles Medical Group and Frontier Healthcare Group. Our residents are exposed to a unique public-private mix that spans the breadth of the discipline. They can also be posted on clinical attachments to school health clinics as well as nursing homes and hospices.

Residents also have the opportunity to develop their potential in leadership and administrative roles, volunteer service, teaching and research tracks, and other involvement within the NUHS community.

For more information on the NUHS Family Medicine Residency Programme, please click here.

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