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Paediatric Residency Programme

NUHS Paediatrics Residency Programme

The NUHS Paediatric Residency Programme is a six-year programme that is structured to ensure that residents can achieve their learning goals with supervision and mentorship from senior paediatricians and colleagues. The junior residency training is a three-year programme that is targeted at developing competencies expected of a Paediatric Registrar. Following this, residents progress to another three-year senior residency training as Paediatric Registrars before obtaining their exit accreditation as General Paediatricians for independent practice in Singapore.

Our vision for the graduates of NUHS Paediatric Residency Programme is to be all-rounded paediatricians with a strong desire to serve the community through empathetic patient care, translational research and continuous education encompassing the NUHS core values (Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence, Patient-Centeredness).


Our mission is to provide holistic education in an open and safe environment for our residents in order to maximally develop each individual’s potential to become master clinicians, impactful researchers and great teachers.

Programme Interview

You may register your interest for our programme interview here:


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