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Gastroenterology Senior Residency Programme

NUHS Gastroenterology Senior Residency Programme

Our NUHS Gastroenterology Senior Residency Programme has a structured teaching programme consisting of didactic and interactive sessions, including supervised clinic and endoscopic sessions. All senior residents get training in the areas of gastroenterology and hepatology. Endoscopic training includes simulator training followed by supervised hands-on training. In addition, the department organises regular workshops (Hepatitis B, hepatocellular carcinoma, nutrition, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.) for the education of registrars/senior residents. Senior residents also get exposure to niche areas such as management of liver transplant patients.

There is also a strong research culture and senior residents get mentored research opportunities. We also provide support to registrars/senior residents presenting their research findings in international conferences. All senior residents receive good breadth of exposure in basic gastroenterology and hepatology and with subsequent sub-specialisation, time and support, excellence can be achieved in the niche areas for individuals. This training programme has been well-received by our residents. 


Given the strength of the division and its members, and our goal to fulfill our potential, we aspire to improve the future practice of gastroenterology and hepatology by translating research to practice. Our team aims to be known for our work regionally and even internationally.

Be part of an exciting and closely-knitted team which provides holistic care. We welcome senior residents who share our vision to join us in our jour
ney to achieve excellence in clinical practice, education and research, not just in the local setting, but also beyond.


The NUHS Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology manages a broad range of patients. It is one of two Liver Transplant Centres in Singapore's restructured hospitals, allowing training of senior residents in the multi-disciplinary management of liver transplant patients. In addition, it has a comprehensive gastromotility service. There are also sub-speciality clinics such as an inflammatory bowel disease clinic, functional GI clinic and Hepatitis B clinic. The Division also provides TPN service and senior residents get rotated to do multi-disciplinary nutrition rounds. We work closely with surgeons, oncologists and radiologists in the management of patients with GI cancers, giving senior residents exposure to the care of these patients.


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