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The NUHS Neurology Senior Residency Programme follows a three-year JCST accredited training schedule and aims to groom neurologists who are independent and clinically competent with a good analytical and research base. We recognise that learning is communal in nature and strive to promote an environment which nurtures the professional interaction necessary to do this.

Outstanding Features 

A Strong Clinical Foundation

The Division of Neurology at NUHS provides tertiary level care to inpatients, ambulatory settings, and also as a specialty referral service. We have an enthusiastic faculty with a variety of subspecialty representation in stroke, epilepsy, headache, neuromuscular disease, movement disorders, neuroimmunology and neuroinflammatory disorders. To facilitate the development of subspecialty management, there are two teams that work concurrently, vascular neurology and general neurology.

The vascular neurology team provides a round-the-clock thrombolysis service for acute ischaemic stroke patients. There is an active neurosonography unit that is responsible for diagnostics. The general neurology team deals with a wide range of acute neurological illnesses that lie outside the vascular domain. These include the management of neurological emergencies such as myasthenic crises, Guillain–Barré Syndrome and status epilepticus.

Senior residents in the programme will be expected to perform and interpret under supervision a variety of neurodiagnostic tests with the aim of being proficient and independent by the end of their training. These include surface nerve conduction studies, electromyography, electroencephalography, evoked potentials and autonomic testing. In addition, senior residents will be encouraged to develop hands-on experience using other modalities such as carotid ultrasonography, transcranial Doppler and peripheral nerve ultrasound.


Senior residents are actively encouraged to participate in various research activities within the division. Several neurologists hold institutional and national grants to undertake basic scientific and clinical research. Results from various research projects have been presented by our residents at regional and international scientific meetings and has led to numerous publications.


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Programme Director

Dr Rahul Rathakrishnan

Programme Coordinator
Ms Beatrice Ng

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