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The NUHS Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G) Residency Training is a seamless training programme, equipping residents with specialist knowledge and skills for an evidence-based O&G practice.

The NUHS O&G Department comprises the following divisions:  Maternal-Foetal Medicine, Gynaecology Oncology, Benign Gynaecology / Urogynaecology and Reproductive Endocrinology / Infertility.

Residents would therefore be exposed to a wide range of clinical scenarios in their daily practice, equipping them with the necessary competencies for independent practice and the benefit of our women's health.  To facilitate clinical training and competencies in a safe environment, numerous in house hands-on training sessions (including obstetric emergencies and gynaecological minimal access surgery, anatomy of surgical complications) are regularly organised to provide residents with the necessary confidence and skills.

In addition, the NUHS O&G Department is at the forefront of obstetrics and gynaecology clinical and basic sciences research.  Residents are expected to participate in medical research during their training. They would therefore be equipped with the necessary critical analytical skills required for evidence-based clinical practice in women's health.
Our residency programme is expected to produce confident O&G specialists who are well rounded in clinical practice and research in the exciting field of obstetrics and gynaecology.

Core Strengths 

  1. Well-funded  programme  with  e-learning,  medical  simulation  and  animal laboratory workshops.
  2. Being an university department, we have an extensive research curriculum to train our residents in both basic science and clinical research.
  3. We  have  also  a  high  faculty  to  resident  ratio  (2:1  for  faculty).   This  ratio ensures that our residents are provided with the best learning environment and adequate educational supervision.
  4. All morning teaching didactics are protected from service commitments.
  5. Residents  get  well-rounded  outpatient  experiences  of  OBGYN  through general clinics and highly specialised clinics.
  6. With over 4000 deliveries, 2,750 operations, 6,500 in patient volume and 100,000 outpatient  volume  annually,  we  have  ample  clinical  resources  to provide  residents  exposure  to  a  broad  range  of  OBGYN  conditions,  and cutting edge treatment and research.
  7. Residents have an elective month in Residency Year 3 to develop an area of personal interest. They may spend this time within NUHS, a research facility or  another  hospital,  subject  to  approval  by  the  core  faculty  and  relevant Specialist Training Committees.
With over 4000 deliveries, 2,700 operations, 6,500 in patient volume and 100,000 outpatient volume annually, we have ample clinical resources to provide residents exposure to a broad range of OBGYN conditions, and cutting edge treatment and research.

Programme Details

Our Faculty

Programme Director
Dr Susan Logan

Associate Programme Director
Dr Ida Ismail-Pratt

Core Faculty 
Dr Citra Nurfarah Bte Zaini Mattar


Contact Us

Programme Director
Dr Susan Logan

Programme Coordinator
Mr Edwin Wong