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Mind Science Centre

An Undefeated Mind – Building Resilience across All Ages

Mental wellness is a key facet of quality of life, and developing its potential and sustaining it is crucial in maximising Singapore's limited human resources.

The Mind Science Centre's mission is to build mental resilience and optimising cognitive performance across the age continuum to manage or prevent various psychological conditions – be it academic stress in youths and adolescents, occupational burnout among working adults, or depression and dementia in the elderly.

Research is focused on prevalent psychological issues in Singapore and interventions are put in place to create an inclusive community whilst adopting a non-drug approach. Our knowledge is shared through the training of healthcare professionals, educators, caregivers and volunteers; and translated to the community through activities and programmes that promote mental wellbeing.

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Our Aims

Research: Undertake research on mental resilience interventions across the age continuum using a non-drug, evidence-based approach
Education: Capacity-building through the training of healthcare professionals, educators, caregivers and volunteer trainers to promote communities with an Undefeated Mind
Services: Translational research for the benefit of the community, which will create a network of shared knowledge and research
Policy-shaping: Influence government decision-making pertaining to mental health policies of the nation


Our Programmes

Centre Director


Associate Professor John Wong Chee Meng

A/Prof John Wong has a wide repertoire of clinical skills and experiences in psychiatry, medical teaching and research. Apart from serving as the MSC’s Centre Director, he is also the current Head for the Department of Psychological Medicine, Programme Director for REACH (West), a programme under the National Mental Health Blueprint, serving the mental health needs of adolescents of school-going age and President for the College of Psychiatrists Council. This enables A/Prof Wong to synergise the various initiatives under his care in the building of mental resilience among the Singapore population.

As a child psychiatrist and dedicated educator, A/Prof Wong is especially passionate and involved in MSC’s child/adolescent research and cross-disciplinary initiatives for the benefit of tertiary students. Under the MSC, he has kick-started the inaugural regional meet and Hikikomori - Hidden Youth Syndrome Symposium, addressing this rising phenomenon in Asia, pilot-tested new youth diagnostics and supplements, as well as initiated the Mind-Series collaborations inculcating the importance of mental wellness across faculties.

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