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Current and past funding:

  1. NMRC/CIRG/1485/2018 - Mechanisms of decline in vascular cognitive impairment, PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD$1,493,000, Jul 18 – Jul 21.
  2. Functionalageing/SINGER/FY2018 - SINgapore GERiatric intervention study to reduce physical frailty and cognitive decline (SINGER) Pilot study, PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD$420,000, Jul 18 – Mar 20.
  3. NUHSCG/2017/Bridging/01 (NMRC/CG/M009/2017) - MACC Biomarker Discovery Bridging Fund, PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD$100,000, Apr 18 – Mar 19.
  4. Machine learning tools for personalised diagnosis in dementia, PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD$121,720 Feb 18 – Feb 20.
  5. NUHS MCG CORE 4 NCC OOE / EOM - Centre Grant - Diabetes, Tuberculosis and Neuroscience Core 4 – Neuro Cognitive Core, PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen (SGD$552,271 disbursed in 2018) June 17 – May 21.
  6. NUHSRO/2017/014/Cambridge/01 - Cognitive and neuropsychiatric profiles of amyloid burden and cerebrovascular disease in elderly with mild cognitive impairment; NUHS PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen, Cambridge PI: Prof John O'Brien SGD30,000, Jun 17 - May 19  
  7. AMED2016-SG013 - Targeting Age-Associated White Matter Lesions; Co-I: A/Prof Christopher Chen (PI: Prof Peter Wong) SGD250,000, Jun 17 - Jun 20  
  8. NUHS O-CRG 2016 Oct -24 - Telomere length as a peripheral biomarker of cerebrovascular disease and neurodegeneration in dementia; Co-I: A/Prof Christopher Chen (PI: Asst/Prof Mitchell Lai) SGD179,999, Mar 17 – Mar 19   
  9. Health and Medical Research Fund (application no. 04153506) – Novel retinal imaging biomarkers for cognitive decline; Collaborator: A/Prof Christopher Chen (PI: Asst/Prof Carol Cheung Yim-Lui) HKD1,190,482, Feb 17 – Feb 19  
  10. NMRC/CSA-SI/0007/2016 - Translational Research in Vascular Biomarkers of Dementia: Discovery, Validation and Assessment of Clinical Utility; PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD1,750,000, Jan 17 – Jan 22  
  11. NMRC/CIRG/1446/2016 - Etiology of Cortical Cerebral Microinfarcts and Impact on Brain Function and Long Term Outcomes; PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD1,472,463.02, Aug 16 – Aug 19   
  12. DUKE / DUKE-NUS Research Collaboration Pilot Project – Ocular Markers of Alzheimer’s Disease: OMEGA Study; Co-I: A/Prof Christopher Chen (PI: Prof Wong Tien Yin) SGD100,000, May 16 – Apr 18  
  13. NMRC/MOHIAFCat1/0060/2016 - The Alzheimer’s disease THErapy with NEuroaid (ATHENE) Study : Assessing the Safety and Efficacy of Neuroaid II (MLC901) in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease stable on Cholinesterase inhibitors or Memantine: A Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial; PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD675,000, Mar 16 – Mar 18  
  14. NUHS CIRC Core Seed Funding - An investigation of visual speed of processing in MCI patients; PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD49,700, Mar 16 – Mar 18  
  15. NUHS CIRC Core Seed Funding - Correlating brain glutamate levels with cognitive function and amyloid burden in ApoE4 Alzheimer’s disease; PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD50,000, May 15 – Mar 18  
  16. NUHSRO/2014/102/AF-WORLDCLASS/01 - Preclinical and clinical investigations of neurodegeneration and age-associated cognitive impairments; Co-PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen (PI: Prof Carlos Ibanez) SGD2,000,000 (total approved grant budget), May 15 – Apr 18  
  17. HSRG/041/2013 – The Feasibility and Validation of an Informant-Based Cognitive Screening Instrument in the Primary Healthcare Setting; PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD200,000, Jun 13 – Jun 16  
  18. NMRC/CG/013/2013, NMRC Centre Grant - NUHS - Metabolic Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Neuroscience Enablers (MINE) – Cognitive Assessment Core; PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD3,100,000, Apr 13 – Mar 18  
  19. NMRC/CSA/032/2011, Clinician Scientist Award (SI category) – Translational Research in Dementia: Mechanisms of Diseases, Pathophysiology and Biomarker Discovery; PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD1,750,000, Jan 12 – Jan 17  
  20. NMRC/1288/2011 – Chinese Medicine Neuroaid Efficacy on Stroke Recovery (CHIMES) Study; PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD743,677, Jul 11 – Feb 14  
  21. GSK ACE award – Retinal Vascular Signs as Novel Biomarkers of Dementia; Co-PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD1,011,825, Mar 11 – Mar 16  
  22. NMRC/CG/NUHS/2010, NUHS Centre Grant – Memory Ageing and Cognition Centre; PI: A/Prof Christopher Chen SGD6,000,000, Apr 10 – Mar 14