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About Us

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Aims and Research Theme  

One area of dementia research important to Singapore and Asia is Vascular & Neurodegenerative Mechanisms in Dementia. Vascular disease is prominent among ethnic Asian dementia patients. Compared to Caucasian populations, a higher prevalence of VaD has been reported in Asian countries such as Japan and China. Moreover, studies have revealed a vascular basis contributing to the etiology and pathogenesis of AD. The identification of biomarkers for vascular and neurodegenerative mechanisms, and insights into the mechanisms of interaction may lead to potential therapeutic approaches.

This will not only give rise to novel scientific insights and advances but also be of immense potential benefit to Singaporeans and the biomedical industry since the increasing numbers of patients suffering from dementia exact a massive toll in health care costs, disability and lost productivity for both patients and caregivers.

NUHS can play a vital role in translational clinical dementia research because of strong interactions between clinical and basic science departments, which may lead to interventions that can prolong independent community function, delay institutionalisation and therefore lower healthcare expenditure.

20161206-C11-PIB PET in NUS First Scans in April 2016.png

C11-PIB PET in NUS First Scans in April 2016

The clinical and epidemiological studies will provide novel insights into the risk factors and biomarkers for dementia as well as patients for biomarker and interventional studies of cognitive decline and dementia.

These clinical cohorts will be recruited into Neuroimaging (MRI and retinal imaging) studies which may in turn help identify high risk groups for intervention as well as mechanisms to be targeted for further investigations, as may the Neurochemical studies on brain samples and Animal Models which will also provide opportunities to validate biomarkers.

Core Research Projects:

  1. Neurochemistry, Molecular Pathology and Biomarker Discovery
  2. Dementia Neuroimaging using Multi-Modal Magnetic Resonance and Retinal Imaging
  3. Improving the Diagnosis of Vascular Cognitive Impairment by Prospective Longitudinal Clinical Studies
  4. Epidemiology of Dementia in Singapore: Ethnicity and Risk Factors  

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Research Achievements:

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