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Plastic Surgery Residency Programme

NUHS Plastic Surgery Residency Programme

The  NUHS  Plastic  Surgery  Residency  Programme  is  a multi-tiered  programme  with  the  goal  of  accreditation  in plastic  surgery  as  a  specialty.  Residents  can  either  join the  programme  with  direct  entry  to  the  surgical  specialty after fulfilling the initial common trunk training in Surgery-in- General (SIG), or apply to enter after their general surgery residency. Residents who enter the programme after completing the two-year  SIG  programme  must  possess  the  necessary qualifications  (M.R.C.S.) before  they can  formally  commence  plastic  surgery  training.  Formal plastic surgery training will consist of four years.


The  programme is  designed  to  provide  a  combination  of  clinical  experience, academic teaching, and opportunities in research.  We also have a diverse spectrum of cases, including paediatric plastic surgery. The high volume of craniofacial, trauma, and reconstructive cases will provide a rich and fulfilling source of training material. Our sub-specialties include: congenital and acquired cranio-maxillofacial surgery, craniofacial trauma, head and neck reconstruction,  breast  and  trunk  reconstruction,  lymphoedema  and  super-microsurgery.

At the end of the programme, Plastic  Surgery  residents  should  be  able  to  employ  the  knowledge  and techniques learnt to enhance function and appearance made abnormal by birth defects, trauma, infection or oncology; and to enhance the patient’s self-esteem by correcting body features displeasing to the patient.


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