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Leadership Programmes

Chief Resident (CR)

Every NUHS Residency programme selects its own Chief Resident (CR) on an annual basis. The CR is expected to be an exemplary role model and to undertake a major leadership role within the Residency Training Program.

Some of the roles of a CR includes:

  • Act as the residents‟ advocate with respect to rotation-specific problems as they arise
  • Bring forward concerns of the residents to the PD and / or the faculty.
  • Ensure timely communication of all relevant academic and administrative events to the residents etc.

NUHS Residency Leadership Development Programme (RLDP)

The NUHS Residency Leadership Development Programme (RLDP) started in 2015. As of date, 74 residents have participated in the programme. The aim of the programme is to nurture the qualities of a clinician leader amongst our Chief Residents.

The programme follows the SEED framework:
Self: demonstrating integrity & personal qualities of a leader
Enabling: working with and through others
Execution: managing & delivering the strategy
Direction: setting the direction & the vision

The eight curricular domains adopted in RLDP are:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Resilience
  • Cohort Building
  • Teaching
  • Leadership Exposure
  • Systems Thinking
  • Healthcare Policy

The overarching themes of the seminars are:

  • Understanding Self and Leadership
  • Understanding and Managing Others
  • Teaching, Coaching and Leading
  • Healthcare Policy and Systems Thinking.

Singapore Chief Resident Programme (SCRP)

The one-year Singapore Chief Residency Programme (SCRP) was designed to develop the nation’s future generation of medical leaders who will inspire and espouse a sense of public service ethos and professionalism within their organisations and across Singapore.

The SCRP aims to nurture the public service ethos of selected doctors in training, equip them with new leadership competencies, and to forge a strong sense of camaraderie within the cohort that transcends the healthcare clusters.


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