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Our Programmes

NUHS Fund Limited has more than 40 programmes covering various medical areas and needs. It strives to be as comprehensive as possible in extending help to patients in financial hardship.

Some of our programmes that benefit financially disadvantaged patients include:

The Cancer Fund goes towards the support of needy cancer patients, cancer research and the education and training of healthcare professionals.  This allows innovative procedures and improved treatments to benefit all cancer patients including those who are financially disadvantaged.  To donate, click here.

The Heart Fund's objectives are to improve patientcare through continuous research and education in the field of cardiology.  Heart diseases require costly procedures and long term medical treatment and very often, patients require financial assistance to supplement other areas of financial support.  To donate, click here.

NUHkids Fund helps children whose families have difficulty coping with the costs of medical treatments for a variety of ailments, not covered under other NUHkids funds.  Support provided includes assistance with the purchases of consumables  (catheters, feeding tubes), investigations, medication as well as medical equipment such as home ventilator machines.  To donate, click here.