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COVID-19: Resource for Healthcare Professionals

Information on COVID-19, including latest media coverage, factsheets and research papers from the clinicians at NUHS.


Insights from Our NUHS Experts on the Coronavirus Pandemic


Professor Dale Fisher
Group Director of Medicine, NUHS

25 March 2020
In the Straits Times article"Singapore scientists on the front lines of fight against Covid-19", Professor Dale Fisher contributed on how the spotlight is falling on testing as a way to contain the spread, and how the lack of it will potentially hide a large number of cases.

quote_start.jpg Less than 1 per cent of tests are positive, which reflects the large number being done.quote_end.jpg

21 March 2020
In a full-page interview with NUHS Group Director of Medicine, Professor Dale Fisher, who chairs the WHO Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, highlighted his remarks to Straits Times that Singapore has been ahead of the curve for several weeks in the COVID-19 outbreak.

quote_start.jpg If we look at what we are doing differently than others, I think the biggest one is Singapore doesn't let positive patients go back into the community... quote_end.jpg 


A/Prof Hsu Li Yang
Infectious Diseases Programme Leader, NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health

25 March 2020
In the Straits Times article "Countries, including Singapore, in race to develop vaccine", A/Prof Hsu Li Yang noted that vaccine trials can be conducted conducively in Singapore even though our institutions may not be able to substantiate the production costs.  

quote_start.jpgWhile the cost of bringing a vaccine to market is beyond Singapore institutions, we can conduct the vaccine trials here, given our excellent research facilities.quote_end.jpg