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Medical Technologist

Medical Technologist

Medical technologists work in a fast-paced environment and operate very complex equipment to perform analysis of blood, fluid or tissue samples as part of the clinical diagnostic process. 

They possess scientific knowledge of a wide range of laboratory tests and conduct strict quality control of these tests to ensure accuracy and consistency of the results. They interpret and disseminate test results through the electronic medical record system and alert doctors in the event of life-threatening results. They also assist in developing and validating new tests kits and results for new and emerging diseases such as COVID-19.

How to become a Medical Technologist?

To become a Medical Technologist, you will require a Bachelor of Science degree in one of the following (but not limited to) fields of study:

  • Bachelor of Science degree
    o  Biomedical Science
    o  Biological Sciences
    o  Laboratory Medicine
    o  Life Sciences
    o  Medical Laboratory Science
    o  Molecular Biology
For more information on institutions offering professional training to become a Medical Technologist, visit the links below:

Find out more about the Medical Technologists working in our institutions and the work that they do by clicking on the links below:
Apart from the institutions listed above, we also have Medical Technologists based at Alexandra Hospital (AH).

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