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Flowcytometry Laboratory Unit


  Prof Hanry Yu

     (Email: hanry_yu@nuhs.edu.sg)



NUHS Flow Cytometry Laboratory provides supports to NUS researchers and external groups from other research institutes. The facility is equipped with two analyzers (CyAnTM ADP Analyzer - Beckman Coulter; BD LSR Fortessa Analyzer- Beckton Dickinson) and one sorter (BD FACSVantage SETM - Beckton Dickinson), as well as a magnetic-bead separator (SuperMACSTM II Separator - Miltenyi Biotec).

Common procedures performed in the unit include DNA cell cycle analysis, apoptosis and necrosis studies, multi-parameter immunophenotypic analysis, calcium flux analysis, as well as sterile fluorescence and magnetic-based sorting.

The staffs provide training to users new to flow cytometry. In addition, they are available for consultation on experiment design, data analysis, and data interpretation.

Our Equipment


  1. CyAnTM ADP
    Our CyAnTM ADP is equipped with three solid state lasers (407nm, 488nm, and 633nm). It delivers high speed and multicolor analysis measuring up to nine fluorescence parameters, in addition to Forward Scatter (FSC) and Side Scatter (SSC).
  2. BD LSR Fortessa Flow Cytometry Analyser
    Our BD LSR Fortessa is equipped with four solid lasers (405nm, 488nm, 561m and 640nm). It can detect 16 colors simultaneously in addition to Forward Scatter (FSC) and Side Scatter (SSC). It can also perform 5-color analysis without compensation. 
  3. BD FACSVantage SE
    Our BD FACSVantage SE is equipped with one Coherent Innova 90 laser (488nm).  It measures three fluorescence parameters, as well as FCS and SSC, and is able to sort up to 5,000 cells/second.
  4. SuperMACSTM II Separator
    SuperMACSTM II Separator is a magnetic-based sorter, providing alternative to the more common fluorescence-based sorting. SuperMACSTM II Separator allows for high speed sorting with more than 1011 cells separated in one step.



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 ApplicationUsersRates Per Hour 
User OperatedStaff Operated
Analysis NUS & NUHS Users S$39.00 S$90.00
Other Users S$52.00 S$120.00
NUS & NUHS Users S$60.00
Other Users S$80.00


Training will be provided free-of-charge until the users are competent in operating the instruments themselves within a reasonable period of time as determined by our staff.


Our Policy

The use of our facility is by appointment only (at least 1 week in advance).

Users must give at least 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment, failing of which charge as per booking will be applied.

Billing begins from the time the appointment is scheduled to start, please be punctual. If users are late and run into next person's appointment, they must STOP acquiring samples and finish at a later time, subject to availability.

The cell sorting flow cytometers will not run samples that are potentially infectious to human.


Prof Hanry Yu

Email: hanry_yu@nuhs.edu.sg

Ms Wang Xiaoning

Lab Executive
Tel: 6516 7990

Email: medwx@nus.edu.sg

Ms Toh Chin Min

Lab Executive
Tel: 6516 7990
Email: medtcm@nus.edu.sg



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