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Orientation for New Residents

An Overview of NUHS Orientation

Every month we conduct orientation for our new residents, and we have the highest intake of residents in the month of May and July. The orientation programme consists of four parts and attendance is compulsory for all residents.

Part 1 is an exciting three-day-two-night stay-in programme at Outward Bound Singapore (OBS).  Through the planned activities, all new residents will experience and learn the importance of NUHS TRICE values - Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence.

Part 2, all new residents are required to attend sessions on safe and appropriate patient care such as clinical responsibilities of a resident, efficient ward rounds, reducing laboratory errors, infection control for clinicians and discharge processes, to ensure residents have a firm start in practicing with NUHS.

Part 3, all new residents are required to attend various modules via our e-learning system.

Part 4 comprises of programme-specific orientation that is conducted by each respective Programme Director/ Residency Programme.

OBS, a team-building event, is a highlight for new residents joining NUHS Residency. 
There are two runs per year to cater to residency intake in April/May and July.