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Prospective Residents

Tea Session/Interview for Residency 2018 Intake

Bookmark this website for our Residency Programmes' Tea Sessions.

Programmes Session Details Registration 
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 12 Jan 2018 (Friday), 2pm - 6pm

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Family Medicine

1 to 4 Dec 2017 (Fri - Mon)

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Ophthalmology 24 Nov 2017 (Fri), 6pm to 9pm

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Orthopaedics  25 Nov 2017 (Sat), 8.30am - 1pm

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24 Nov 2017 (Fri), 5 - 8pm (for M5)

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15 (Mon) & 18 (Thu) Jan 2018, 1 - 6pm
17 (Wed) Jan 2018, 1 - 6 pm (for M5s interested in FM)

These sessions are for

  • M5s who wish to chat with faculty members who are specialists in a PGY1 core discipline and also National PGY1 Educational Supervisors in NUH,
  • the faculty to get to know the M5s and assess if they will be good fit in the discipline.

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Notes: HOMO refers to House Officers & Medical Officers; M5 refers to Year 5/graduating medical students.  Venue will be advised by the individual residency programme coordinator in their correspondences with applicants.

NUHS Residency is Our Choice




Dr Mo Yin, a Senior Resident from our Internal Medicine Residency Programme, was featured in Zaobao on interns across various industries in Singapore. She spoke about her desire to help others and the enriching experience that working at NUH has provided her so far as a young doctor.

Download the article here.

Dr Mo Yin is currently a senior resident in Infectious Disease Senior Residency Programme.

Dr Matthew Low

People are always the most important aspect of any institution.

In NUH, the system believes in its people and invests heavily in them. People are down to earth despite their achievements, and seniors do not feel all that distant on some high pedestal. Generally, it is less emphasis on displays of rank, and more on working together, getting things done and developing camaraderie. There is a culture of relentless improvement via experimentation and innovation, yet grounded in a realistic and down to earth world view.

In NUHS, you will not feel lost at sea as a junior – seniors are very approachable and more than willing to teach and clarify.  On a more personal level, transport is a headache as I live in the east and I do not have a car. But it’s still worth it!

Tip: It’s a matter of finding a good match between the characteristics of the institution and your own characteristics. I think of it in terms of the head (learning) and the heart (culture and people).


Dr Dave Ong 

NUHS Paediatrics was a natural choice for me because of various positive influences since I was in Year 1 of Medical School. I met many seniors who had the passion to teach and excel in both clinical and research work.

Together with my enthusiasm to work with children and their families towards their best interests, the strong element of holistic medicine in paediatrics, and the broad clinical knowledge and skill set required as a paediatrician, Paediatric Medicine has always been my choice.

My current residency mentors are A/Prof Marion Aw and Dr Perry Lau, who have been constantly making positive influences in my clinical and academic training in paediatrics. I consider myself really fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from so many excellent people from the department since medical school days. 

Dr Dave Ong is currently a senior resident in Paediatric Residency Programme.