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Emergency Medicine is a specialty that deals with a wide spectrum of patient presentations and acuity; the primary duty of the Emergency Physician is to resuscitate, stabilize and ensure that all life-threatening causes of patient’s conditions are considered.

All of this requires a quick mind, a decisive nature, a good fund of knowledge and interest in the breadth of medicine, excellent physical diagnostic skills, good manual dexterity, the deductive ability of a detective, and nerves of steel.

Through progressive responsibility and opportunity to develop clinical maturity, judgment and technical skills, the NUHS Emergency Medicine Residency Programme will train leaders in Emergency Medicine, capable of providing highest quality care and advancing the specialty.

The comprehensive case-mix and moderate patient load provide residents with an excellent opportunity to learn under the guidance and supervision of a dedicated faculty in a department with a strong teaching culture and evidence-based clinical practice, ensuring quality patient care with cost-effectiveness.

The lively discussions during every hand-over round promotes intellectual curiosity and makes every case a teaching and learning opportunity for all. There are also opportunities to be exposed to research under the guidance of the faculty. 



Outstanding Features of Programme

• Excellent training environment with strong teaching culture and outstanding teaching faculty.

• Impressive teaching curriculum targeted towards clinical competence as well as preparing the 
   resident for M.Med (Emergency Medicine) exams. The Applied Basic Science Revision Course (ABSRC),
   developed by our faculty, is an unparalleled course in Singapore in preparing the EM Resident for
   the Part A exam.

• Optimal learning opportunity with comprehensive case-mix and moderate patient load.

• Stimulation of intellectual curiosity with lively discussions during hand-over rounds.

• Promotion and inculation of life-long learning through our practice of evidenced-based strategy in
   day-to-day clinical care in the ED.

• Resident-centred training programme. 


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