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Teachers' Day



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Teachers' Day 2015 


NUH Teaching Excellence Award

- Prof V. P. Kumar (Head & Senior Consultant, Division of Shoulder & Elbow Surgery, UOHC)
- A/Prof Joseph Thambiah (Head & Senior Consultant, Division of Musculoskeletal Trauma, UOHC)
- Dr Ong Chooi Peng (Senior Consultant, Division of Family Medicine, UMC)
- Dr Chong Choon Seng (Consultant, Division of Colorectal Surgery, USC)
- A/Prof Clement Tan (Head & Senior Consultant, Ophthalmology)
- Dr Koh Liang Piu (Senior Consultant, Haematology-Oncology, NCIS)
- A/Prof Tan Boon Yeow (Medical Director & Senior Consultant, Family Medicine (St Luke’s Hospital))
- Dr Pearce Christopher Jon (Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgery (Jurong Health Services))
- Dr Suresh Ernest (Consultant, Medicine (Jurong Health Services))

- Ms Subbu Sangeetha (Senior Staff Nurse, Ward 42)
- Mr Muhammad Faris Bin Ahmad (Staff Nurse, Ward 52)
- Ms Belinda Wang Wenjing (Nurse Educator, Ward 53)
- Ms Cleomen Barrera Baquial (Staff Nurse, Ward 54)
- Ms Zheng Lianmin (Senior Staff Nurse, Ward 55)
- Ms Ho Li Fen Carol (Senior Staff Nurse, Ward 56)
- Ms Nur Atika Binte Maskor (Staff Nurse, Ward 64)

Allied Health:
- Mr Abdul Hadi Bin Abdul Talib (Radiographer, DDI)
- Ms Caroline Tee Ee Mei (Principal Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy)
- Ms Emily Koh (Occupational Therapist, Rehab)
- Ms Samantha Koh (Senior Radiation Therapist, RTC)

NUH Young Clinician Mentor Award
- Dr Dave Ong (Senior Resident, Paediatrics)
- Dr Raj Menon (Registrar, Surgery, USC)
- Dr Victor Koh (Registrar, Ophthalmology)

NUH Inter-Professional Teaching Award
- Dr Lester Juay (Resident, Cardiology)
- Mr John Choy Meng Wah (Staff Nurse, Clinic B)
- Ms Lin Yiwei (Senior Occupational Therapist, Rehab)

NUH Most Nurturing Ward
- Ward 53


























Teachers' Day 2014 

Teachers' Day 2014
Click to watch videoClick to watch the dance performance during Teachers' Day



NUH Teaching Excellence Awardee list

- A/Prof Raymond Goy (Senior Consultant, Anaesthesiology)
- Dr Tan Sing Huang (Senior Consultant, Haematology Oncology)
- A/Prof Loke Kah Yin (Senior Consultant, Paediatrics)
- Dr Tan Poh Lin (Senior Consultant, Paediatric Haematology & Oncology)
- A/Prof Lee Pyng (Senior Consultant, Respiratory and Critical Care)
- Dr Victor Loh (Consultant, Family Medicine)
- Dr Elizabeth Ang (Consultant, Paediatrics)
- Dr Alfred Kow (Consultant, Surgery)
- Dr Chong Choon Seng (Associate Consultant, Surgery) 

NUH Young Clinician Mentor Award

- Dr Yang Linqi (Registrar, Paediatrics)
- Dr Nieh Chih Chiang (Resident, Cardiothoracic Surgery)
- Dr Fu Xinghan (Resident, Paediatrics)
- Dr Warren Ong (Resident, Transitional Year Residency) 

NUH Inter-Professional Teaching Award

Allied Health:

- Mr Benjamin Png (Senior Medical Social Worker)
- Ms Hairunnissa Beevi (Phlebotomist) 


- Ms Kee Li Leng (Nurse Educator)
- Ms Myla Rabaya Castillo (Senior Staff Nurse) 


- Dr Titus Lau (Senior Consultant, Nephrology)
- Dr Eric Khoo (Consultant, Endocrinology)
- Dr Angela Pang (Associate Consultant, Haematology Oncology)


NUH Most Nurturing Ward

- Ward 42