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Residents' Year-End Party


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Year End Party 2014


Inaugural TRICE Values Award 


Christelle is the true embodiment of integrity. She does her best even in the most thankless of situations, and you can always trust her to put the patient and the team before herself in all situations.

She is unafraid to admit mistakes, and cares to preserve the honour and reputation of her colleagues.

She is a precious asset to our department and the whole profession.


The best part about him is his leadership skills and his approach to situations. He works with true diligence and is inquisitive and willing to share knowledge.



A good physician and above all, an excellent person.  He is one of the most down to earth guys and no matter what the situation is, he keeps his calm.

Though quiet, his work is luminous and outstanding. Besides that, his focus is often on excellence and team work, and his work speaks of integrity, respect and compassion.


Dr Liew Mei Fong




Thorough and inspiring.

Extremely capable and proficient. If I had to be intubated, I want Mei fong to be the one to do it. 



Dr Dave Ong 






Dave is always very comforting, reassuring and supportive towards his patients, no matter how busy work gets. To colleagues, he is also very caring and concerned for their welfare and training. He would often check on his juniors on call to make sure they are ok and have eaten.

Maintaining exemplary communication with colleagues and patients, being very versatile in a team (a good team member and a good leader whichever the situation calls for) and showing great compassion for his patients and his fellow colleagues (taking care of their welfare, helping them when they cannot cope etc).   















































Year End Party 2013

Residents' Year-End Party 2013 

Besides the delectable food and the festive mood at this year Residents' Year-End Party held on 28 November, Friday, the TRICE Award was presented to five residents who exhibit the TRICE value(s).   

We have the honour of having our CMB, A/Prof Aymeric, presenting the award to the residents while the emcee, Dr Benjamin Tung, read out the testimonials of their remarkable deeds. 

Congratulations to these residents! 

Inaugural TRICE Values Award 

Dr Nicholas Ng


Accolades from his peers and patients:

“…saw him work 14 hours (or more) days but he is always cheerful and never fails to smile and greet us when he sees us.”

"Dr. Ng spends time to communicate with us, the family of his patient."

“His presence alone makes us feel secured. He may not be very experienced now but he is the best doctor we have seen so far."

Dr Priscilla Ang

Accolades from FM Program Director & Core Faculty:

"Recently, Priscilla joined a medical team to Philippines Haiyan upon knowing she would make up the lack of a medical doctor in the team. 

Also, she went the extra mile to help her patient whom she was following up.

She ensured that he went to A&E by waiting for him in the hospital even when he came late into the evening. Then she accompanied him to see the A&E consultant. Besides that, she went on home visit with faculty to ensure that he was recovering well."

Dr Mayank Dalakoti

Accolades from his peers:

"Mayank is hardworking, trustworthy; helps other HOs when he has completed his own duties."

"Mayank is an honest and humble individual who is always ready to go out of his way to help his peers and patients."

Dr Leong

Hon Loong

(absent due to official duty)


Accolades from his peers and patients:

“Always very courteous to patients and able to communicate with patients and families very well.”

“Gives extra time to patients.”



Dr Choo

Yun Song


(absent due to official duty)



Accolades from his peers and patients:

“Has amazing clinical acumen.”

"Yun Song is not only hard working but efficient, conscientious and an excellent team player."

"He is hardworking, humble and responsible!"
















































Year End Party 2012

NUHS Residency held its annual Year End Party on 7 December, 2012 at Singapore Botanic Garden. Faculty and residents came together to enjoy a night of good atmosphere, good food, and generally good cheer!

The event also included the NUH Teaching Excellence Award and Young Educator Award ceremony, where 17 outstanding teachers were honoured. A big thank you to them, and to all the great teachers who made the Residency programmes possible!


2012 NUHS Teaching Excellence Award winners

Dr Alvin Wong Haem-Onco      Prof Arijit Biswas Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Clement Tan Ophthalmology Dr Edwin Siew Diagnostic Radiology
A/Prof Goh Lee Gan Family Medicine A/Prof Gopal Lingam Ophthalmology
Dr Khoo See Meng Internal Medicine A/Prof Marion Aw Paediatric Medicine
Dr Peng Li Lee Emergency Medicine A/Prof Raymond Goy Anaesthesia
Dr Raymond Ngo Otolaryngology Dr Roy Ng Obstetrics & Gynaecology
A/Prof Thomas Loh Otolaryngology

2012 NUH Teaching Young Educators Award winners 

Dr Addy Tan    Anaesthesia      Dr Adeline Tan    Internal Medicine (JHS)
Dr Anna Tan Ophthalmology Dr Perry Lau Paediatric Medicine

2012 has been a good year for NUHS Residency programmes. The institution and all of its seven Phase I (2010) programmes achieved continued accreditation by ACGME-I. Here is to an even better 2013, and a bright future!