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Orientation for New Residents

NUHS, as a Sponsoring Institution (SI), conducts an institution-wide orientation for all new residents.Our orientation programme consists of four parts. Attendance and participation is complusory for all new residents.

Mass orientation dates in 2018 for HO/MO/Residents:
May - 2 May 2018 (Wed)
July - 3 July 2018 (Tues)

In Part 1, all new residents will need to attend the OBS programme - a team-building exercise.  Through planned activities, residents will be inculcated on the importance of the NUHS TRICE values - Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence.

For Part 2, the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office, in coordination with various services at NUHS, provides sessions on safe and appropriate patient care during Corporate Orientation.  These sessions include Clinical Responsibilities of a Resident, an efficient ward round, reducing laboratory errors, infection control for clinicians and discharge processes.

Part 3 comprises of an e-learning module that is available on NUHS e-learning portal here.  

The topics are as follows:

1.      Administrative Matters
1.1    Guide to the Intranet
1.2    Dress code for Doctors
1.3    Fire Safety Video

2.      Personal Well-being
2.1    Fatigue and Sleep Deprivation
2.2    Physicians Impairment

3.      Clinical Matters
3.1    Clinical Responsibilities of HOs, MOs and Residents
3.2    An Efficient Ward Round
3.3    Infection Control for Clinicians
3.4    Multidisciplinary Notes
3.5    EMR Workflow Driven Tutorial
3.6    Peripheral Venous Cannulation Video
3.7    Blood Indications and Complications
3.8    Peri-operative Anaesthesia Care
3.9    Rapid Escalation Flowchart
3.10  SBAR
3.11  Time Out
3.12  Stop the Line
3.13  Patient Safety Briefing
3.14  Continuing Care for Patients from Acute Hospital to Home and Step Down Facilities
3.15  HIV Inpatient Screening HAP
3.16  ABCs of Diabetes and Endocrinology 

As new residents, you are required to complete an online quiz on the portal within 3 months from your joining date. The passing mark for the quiz is 80%. 

Part 4 comprises of programme-specific orientation conducted by the respective Programme Director/Residency Programme. For more information on your programme-specific orientation, please contact the programme coordinator(s) here.

Residents are required to be mask fitted and to pass the proper hand hygiene techniques test as part of your orientation programme.

It is mandatory for all new residents to complete your orientation programme.